Loud Boy Vic

Cleveland artist Loud Boy Vic dropped 4 records in 2018. His latest record “For Real” features Big 40 and it’s a banger. Comin’ in with solid beats and a smooth flow LBV he makes sure that you know he doesn’t mess around with any fake people. Big 40 has a fire verse that wraps the whole track up on point.

With 3 other records out, “Long Way”, “On Everything”, and “I Got The Nerve”, with impressive numbers to back them up, LBV is definitely one to keep your eye on. Throughout all of these tracks he raps about starting from basements, Keeping around his OG friends, taking care of his family, and being patient for success. Cleveland has a lot of underground artists that deserve some proper recognition and LBV is one of them. Go run the numbers up on his latest record “For Real” and stay tuned for more content coming from Loud Boy Vic.