Cal Scruby


If you’re looking for an artist that has some harda** music with a smooth flow and style, you need to listen to Cal Scruby. His latest project “Long Story Short” is filled with a total of six tracks. Some of my favorites from the project are “Hold Up” “Rain” and “Keanu Reeves”. Some songs on the project go hard af while on others Scruby slows it down and tells you some vivid stories like on “Rain”. On “Hold Up” he’s flexin and makin sure you know who he is. A hard beat plays he gives you a glimpse into what he wants out of life. He knows he’s on the come up and a house in the hills is on his mind. On the track “Long Story Short” he talks about not needing permission from anybody to pursue his dream and money changing artists.

Another track that is worth listening to is “My Anxiety”. The single dropped last year and he covers subjects such as depression, putting on a show for social media, and emotions taking over. It really paints a picture and it just sounds amazing. The second you visit Cal Scruby’s site you’ll know he takes this sh*t seriously and it doesn’t look like he plans on slowing down anytime soon.

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