Slim Gent


Slim Gent

“Talk To You” Single


Todays Artist Spotlight is bringing in Slim Gent from Cleveland, OH. His tracks include hits like “Talk To You”, “Born Hustler”, “Ride or Slide” and “Lessons”. Talk To You was released in October 2018 and it’s his latest release. With a slower beat but still a street feel, he paints a picture in your head with this track. Slim knows what he’s doing and he’s got a lot more in store for his fans.




On “Born Hustler” he raps about he is finding his own path and won’t stop until he’s satisfied. Flexin’ with racks and grindin’ and never stopping is the tone this track takes. Slim Gent is comin’ up with One Way Mafia Records and he’s on his way to the top no doubt. Dope artist with a lot more work coming out in the near future. Watch out for his mixtape “No Comment” that’s dropping this summer.