Cleveland rapper MAJIK is on the come up in the Cleveland scene right now. He just collaborated on a track with Vince Nerone called “Open Minded”. It’s got a hella smooth beat with nice flow and lyrics, its hard.

Majik has work that goes back 5 years ago so he’s been in the game for a little bit and by this point has a signature style. It’s nice to see an artist stick with it for 5 years and grow and mature musically. Some of his other records include “Icon”, “Poppin”, and “Never Change”. Majik flexes on a dope beat in “Never Change” referencing his past and never giving up promising he’ll make it one day.

Icon is another track that goes hard as f**k. If you look this song up on Soundcloud you’ll see a comment asking “Real talk why aren’t you famous”, that’s the kind of impression his music makes and it’s impressive. He’s not going anywhere so watch out for him. Click the links above to listen to his records and be sure to follow him on social media.

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