Timothy Waallace

This weeks artist spotlight is covering Pure Power Music’s own Timothy Waallace. He’s no stranger to God Media and he has plenty of content out on Spotify for you to check out. Tim reached out to God Media around a year ago and got a visual shot for “Lakeshore Drive”. The shoot went really smooth and we got some dope visuals the first time around. Fast forward about a year later give or take a few months ‘cause I can’t remember, we shot another visual this time for a track off of his latest album. The track was “Cleveland Eskimo” and it’s on his album “No Extras” which you can check out below!

Timothy Waallace also has a festival coming up that’s represented by his label Pure Power Music on August 11th at the Red Space in Cleveland, OH. Definitely swing by if you can! Exclusive interviews from God Media will also be posted on god-media.com as well as Instagram. You can purchase your tickets here - https://www.eventbrite.com/e/pure-dream-music-art-festival-lets-mingle-tickets-62011016620

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