The Let's Mingle Festival!

So a couple weeks ago I got the chance to shoot for my boy Timothy Waallace as heheld his first music festival! Let’s Mingle was a blast with a ton of talented artists showcasing their talent throughout the day, and art vendors collaborating and selling merch, it was a great atmosphere. I shot a recap video of the day that you can check out below! Also be sure to check out some interviews the festival here:

2Tongue Syxx


We got 2tongue syxx on here for the latest artist spotlight! This dude is crazy talented and he’s got some insane freestyles under his belt. He’s got 4 tracks out right now on Spotify that you can check out down below. With tracks like “Rose” and “Stupid” which features SK Sonio, you can tell he’s got his sound locked in and is teaming up with the right people.

Dude’s got a good flow and knows how to puch his work so be sure you’re in tune with him and follow him on Spotify and Instagram to stay up to date on everything he releases! You should see more of him on God Media in the future we got a few things in the works and be sure to subscribe to the email list below to know when they drop!