Blue Moon 2


Let’s start this blog off by saying that everybody needs to listen to Adi Rei’s latest album, Blue Moon 2! It dropped last night and if you’ve been following Adi at all, you would know that this is a project with a lot of hard work and effort put into it. With tracks like Night Owl and Esmeralda, he’s definitely got a vibe going on with this release. This isn’t Adi’s first time on God Media either. We shot a visual for one of his singles off the album titled “Too Much” which is a track that definitely has more of an upbeat / fun vibe. Definitely be sure to check Nvasion records on Instagram so you can stay up to date on everything the team releases. You can check the visual and the album out below! Also be sure to sign up for the God Media Newsletter to stay up to date on everything related to God Media!

The Avalanche Crew

Recently, I had the opportunity to shoot for a dope group of people that are apart of Avalanche Records, A label based in Cleveland, OH. The label has just dropped the latest visual for their track “Blueface”, a visual produced by God Media. Everybody at Avalanche has been putting in a crazy amount of work and this is definitely a strong release. Check out the music video down below!

The newly founded Indy Label "Avalanche Records" based out of Cleveland OH, is starting the summer off with brand new smash entitled "Blueface" ft "Congrez", CEO and Founder of Avalanche, as well as Roster talents "BamFranx" and Tilla Duula!

You’ll definitely be seeing more of Avalanche in the future on God Media. Be sure to subscribe to the email list below to stay up to date on everything related to God Media. I also have a big announcement to make in the near future so watch out for that as well!