Tra Trap


As a whole, this album is one of the best projects I’ve heard in awhile from artists rooted in Cleveland. Each track is unique and they all have their own feel. Tra Trap and YFL Kelvin are a solid combination and every track on this project is one worth listening to so check it out.

Tra Trap is another artist that’s been around for a little bit in the Cleveland scene. Last Year Tra Trap and YFL Kelvin teamed up to make a whole album titled “Trap Harmonies”. The album is filled with hard hitting beats and every song is a banger. It starts off with a great opening track “Flex on Us” which has a darker atmospheric feel to it and fits with the lyrics really well. Some tracks are also a little brighter like “Lied To Me” which is also another to definitely check out.





Working and being involved with a lot of familiar names it’s obvious Freshie’s in it pretty deep and he’s makin’ moves. “Double Back” broke over 100,000 streams on Spotify and there’s no doubt other tracks will follow the same suit.

Freshie has been around the land for awhile. He’s been involved with music since a young age and some of his most notable achievements are opening for artists like Lil Xan and Chief Kief recently. He’s worked with some popular producers as well such as 808Mafia, ChaseTheMoney and more. Freshie also dropped 3 tracks for us last year, “Lemonade”, “Double Back”, and “Dirty!” which he grouped together on a project called sorrynotsorry.

“Whatever” is a track from his latest mixtape Dirtyboyfresh, Vol. 3 and he slows it down just a little bit on this one for a nice flow / beat. It opens up with an atmospheric vibe and evolves into a full beat as the song progresses. Freshie’s been hard at work the past few years and it’s not going unnoticed. He’s only going up from here and you’ll probably be able to catch him at the House of Blues again in the future.