Owen River

Owen River is a newer artist that’s made his wave over Ohio fairly recently. He’s got a handful of singles under his belt and they’re all just so f***ing good. “Big Bag (freeztyle)” is his latest single that dropped just a couple days ago. Definitely a smoother beat on this one and it has a winter vibe no doubt. This track just has a fun aesthetic to it and it’ll for sure elevate your mood. Check it out below.



Another banger from Owen is “Vision Clear”. This is an artist that can create a great track like “Big Bag” and then turn around with something that has a completely different vibe and a hard af flow. The beat hits hard and you’ll probably end up listening to it twice. We pretty much know for a fact that whatever he comes out with next will be just as good if not better so watch out for him in the future.

Kvng Shad


Fuck The Other Side

Feat. Trippie Redd

Another artist that’s been around for the past few years is Kvng Shad. He’s been making some big moves lately connecting with artists like Trippie Redd and almost hitting 3 million streams for his single “Fuck The Other Side”. It has a hard beat and these two on a track is definitely something you want to listen to.


18:18 Legends Never Die

Last year Kvng Shad released his album 18:18 Legends Never Die. There’s a ton of bangers on this album and you can tell Shad took the time to make each track stand out in its own way but flow really well together. Some dope tracks off the album include “Fireworks”, “Crash”, and “Found My Drip” just to name a few. There’s definitely a nice mix throughout the album, in some tracks Kvng Shad slows it down for a nice relaxing vibe, but there’s also no shortage of hard bangers. Listen to the album below and watch out for Kvng Shade, he’s not one to pass up.

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