God Media Light Leak Pack 1.0 is Finally Here!

The God Media Light Leak Pack 1.0 is something that I’ve been working very hard on and I’m super excited for you guys to check it out! It’s definitely going to add style to your videos and give them a nice effect while also making it look very cinematic. Check out the video below to see what it’s all about!

Included in the Pack are 10 different light leaks that you can use in your videos, and an instructional video on how to bring them into Premiere Pro and use them properly. You can use these light leaks in any editing program as well. Since the pack is dropping today I figured I’d go ahead and make everything in the store $5 for the next 24 hours to celebrate lol. I’m looking forward to seeing all the dope stuff you guys create with this pack. This is just the beginning I have so much in store for you guys we can only grow from here so lets get it! Sign up or the God Media Newsletter as well that’s how you’re going to stay updated on any new products, blogs, videos, etc.