Giveaway Photoshoot

So a couple of weeks ago I did a giveaway for a free photoshoot session and I just did the shoot with everybody and it turned out pretty dope. We met up at an abandoned location that’s right next to my house but it makes for a pretty cool spot. I tried to direct a little more this time and really try and catch the vibe I was going for.



The “Hollow” preset will be available soon in the Winter Preset Pack!

I figured I would use this shoot as a way to try out different edits, I’ve been messing around a lot more in the calibration module in Lightroom and I’ve been coming up with some pretty cool results. It was a cloudy day so the light was really soft and that helped keep the shots evenly lit and looking good.


I shot these with a GH4 and a 30mm f1.4, I stuck with that setup for the whole shoot I just wanted to see what I could do with one setup. I tried to get a little creative with my composition and that’s something I’m really trying to get better at. I think strong compositions are an amazing way to give off a feeling in a picture.


It’s cool to see all the different kinds of shots you can get with just one setup. I like to try new things when I go out and shoot and limiting myself like that gives me a challenge while I’m shooting. This building had a couple cool spots surrounding it so we climbed up this fire escape to get some dope pics lol. That’s another part I love about photography and cinematography is the desire to explore and try new things.


2019 is right around the corner and I want to challenge myself and push myself harder than I ever have and I want you guys to do the same as well. Go out and shoot as much as you possibly can and try different things every time you go out. Work on composition, lighting, posing, etc. You can only get better and the more you shoot, the better you’re going to get. Sign up for the God Media Newsletter below and I’ll catch you guys in the next blog!