J.A.I. Stargazing Music Video

Yo yoooo so I had the chance to shoot for an artist down in Columbus that goes by the name J.A.I. He’s got some dope music and we ended up shooting a visual for one of his tracks called “Stargazing”. It’s an amazing track with solid flow and a lot of talent behind it so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet watch it below!

I am super proud of this video even though we only had two hours to shoot it. My buddy Scene ended up comin’ through as well and shot some BTS but that’ll be a for another blog. This whole shoot was an awesome time with good people and good vibes and I hope you guys enjoy the visual.

Check out J.A.I. on IG @j.a.i614 he’s a really talented artist and we’ll definitely have more visuals out in the future!