I Feel Like I Should Tell You About Myself

Yo what’s up guys! So I was thinking about the blog earlier and realized that I hadn’t told you guys about myself and obviously I think it makes sense to let you know who I am, especially if you’re keeping up with the blog everyday lol. If you don’t know by now my name is Nick Pellegrino (@godfilmz) and I’m a director and photographer based out of Cleveland, Ohio.


I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was a little kid and they’ve always fascinated me. I love that I never stop learning how to do my job, I can always get better. I would definitely consider my style as more moody and dramatic, I like to give off a vibe with my work. I like things to look very cinematic and I’ll take that over a bunch of effects any day.

When I started God Media it was just an easier way for me to market myself but now I have a bigger vision. I’ve noticed I’ve been on a little bit of a journey and it started this year. I got the opportunity to work for some pretty cool people and shoot more projects than I have any other year. When I look back on the year I’m almost surprised at how much I actually accomplished.

The reason I started this blog was to give me something to look back on, I also wanted to bring you guys with me on this journey that I’ve found myself on. I want to build a platform that people can come to in order to learn and connect with eachother and I’ve noticed that’s starting to happen so lets keep it going. I appreciate you guys and I hope you enjoy the ride we’re about to go on. Welcome to God Media.