Let's Go...

Yoo how's it goin guys!? I hope you're all doing fantastic lol. I haven't jumped on here in a minute and I have some things I would like to share with you 👌. Lately I haven't really been feeling too inspired with creating. I feel like I need a nice change in pace. I've been thinking about exploring other avenues of this whole director thing and maybe try out some more local / small business work.

For example, I've always thought it'd be cool to shoot videos for local coffee shops or promo videos for barbers, stuff of that nature. The music video business is pretty flaky, not that I don't love it but I also feel like I have a lot of other ideas that want to explore and try out. I don't want to lock myself in to just one thing especially when there's so much more to explore. With that being said you will probably see a lot more content from me that's more relevant to my personal life.

I don't know about vlogs but I think I want to start a short adventure series of short films from different places. I want to incorporate a unique storyline to each place and try and create something different every time. I don't know, stay tuned in and you might see it pop up in the near future lol. 

Also, I just ordered a Boosted Board Mini X and I can't f***ing wait lol. Thats definitely going to open up a whole new way to explore and find cool spots to shoot all this sh*t. I will definitely be making a video when I get it in the mail and I might just make a review video for fun lol. 

 I really just feel like having fun and enjoying things in life. I want to create things just to create. I want to have new experiences and I want you guys to be able to watch what's on my mind. I can't wait to bring you guys some sh*t you've never seen before. It's gonna be awesome. Catch y'all in the next blog



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