BTS Dropped!


BTS Vid Just Dropped!

Yoooo the BTS video I’ve been promising is finally here! In this video I go in depth on 2 shoots I had the opportunity to be apart of and talk about gear, lighting, ways to connect, and what it’s like to be on a bigger production set.

I plan on doing a lot more stuff like this in the future because I think it would be cool for you guys to see how some shoots go down and to be apart of the process. Let me know what you think of the site makeover down in the comments too! God Media is going to be focused a lot more on the hip hop scene in Ohio so if you’re looking for new artists and for things to do in the city, you can come here and it’ll be a one-stop shop. There will also be a new artist spotlight up later today so stay tuned for that as well! Sign up for the God Media Newsletter to stay up to date on everything as well such as blogs like this, artist spotlights, events, music, etc.

Behind The Scenes

Behind The Scenes

Yooo what’s goin’ on guys I hope life is going great I know I’ve been absent for a minute but I’m back and I wanted to share a behind the scenes kind of blog with you guys! A couple of weeks ago I made a trip down to Columbus to get some behind the scenes shots of the shoot that was going on. We were shooting a commercial for a gym down there and the director Koishi Kahmmad wanted to send the final product to some connects in the NFL. Long story short this video needed to look fucking good, luckily there was a really talented crew there working their asses off and shooting til 5 or 6 in the morning.




We were shooting with some big boy cameras lol, one was a RED Scarlet and the Main cam was a RED Scarlet. In the pic above you can see we were havin’ a little fun with a Benro motorized slider that was on set. A lot of the shots were done on a gimbal with the Helium. We were lighting the set using Astera lights I think they were the pixel tubes but i’m not 100% sure on that. They were some dope RGB lights though and you’re able to control the color and patterns of the light via an app and they’re wireless so you can stick them anywhere.


It was awesome being able to be on set with these guys and see how they work and collab on different aspects of the video. The more minds you have working on a project the better because you’re going to be working with a lot more creativity while you’re on set. I’m going to try and get out some more bts content for you guys let me know what you think of this kind of stuff in the comments! Overall this was a sick shoot and I do plan on having a BTS video to go along with this I’m hoping to have it done by tonight in order to get some content out for you guys. If you haven’t signed up for the God Media Newsletter be sure to do that below!

Behind The Scenes "Stargazing"

Alright so I wanted to give you guys an inside look into a video I just shot called “Stargazing”.

So it started snowing I think around noon on the day of the shoot and we were shooting in Columbus which is about an hour and a half drive for me. I was on my way there and I had to go like 35 on the highway, by the time I finally got down there the roads were even worse.

We went ahead and shot the first scene at J.A.I.’s apartment. I lit it with a Viltrox portable LED light to backlight him, and a quasar science tube as the key light. We brought in a smoke machine and it ended up adding a lot of depth to the couch scenes and overall made it look more cinematic.



The second scene was just right outside the apartment, we ended up kind of getting the scene together on the fly and I had J.A.I. stand in the bed of an F-150 while my friend Scene waved the LED back and forth for a pretty unique look. After that we headed to the final location which was a completely empty parking lot. It ended up being perfect for what I had in mind because we had the space to do it. I got the generator out and held up two quasar science tubes behind the car to act as a backlight and just for style. I made sure to keep the generator behind the car so you couldn’t see it in the shot, and I used the Portable LED on a light stand to act as a keylight for J.A.I.


We got a few shots here, I got a wide shot and then I switched lenses to my Sigma 30mm f1.4 and got some close ups to cut between in editing. I color graded the whole video in Premiere Pro as well I’ve been really impressed with the color develop module as they’ve released updates it’s just gotten way better. I made most of the effects in this video with after effects I’ve definitely been sleeping on it but I’m glad I started utilizing AE into my workflow.

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