BTS Dropped!


BTS Vid Just Dropped!

Yoooo the BTS video I’ve been promising is finally here! In this video I go in depth on 2 shoots I had the opportunity to be apart of and talk about gear, lighting, ways to connect, and what it’s like to be on a bigger production set.

I plan on doing a lot more stuff like this in the future because I think it would be cool for you guys to see how some shoots go down and to be apart of the process. Let me know what you think of the site makeover down in the comments too! God Media is going to be focused a lot more on the hip hop scene in Ohio so if you’re looking for new artists and for things to do in the city, you can come here and it’ll be a one-stop shop. There will also be a new artist spotlight up later today so stay tuned for that as well! Sign up for the God Media Newsletter to stay up to date on everything as well such as blogs like this, artist spotlights, events, music, etc.

Welcome To The New Year!

Welcome To The New Year!

Yoo welcome to the new year! I wanted to write this up really quick to remind you guys to go into this year working harder than ever. Push yourself, don’t let anything hold you back, and lets f***ing get it. I got some cool stuff in the works for you guys right now so keep your eyes peeled for some cool videos.

If you haven’t set your new years resolution goals yet definitely do that and WRITE THEM DOWN lol. I know I personally want to try and shoot a lot more and work to push myself in editing. I really want to start working in After Effects way more and start exploring new things there. I plan on having A LOT of content for you guys this upcoming year and I’m so excited for you to see it.

I’m hoping you guys take this year as a chance to look back and hopefully make a bunch of improvements in your work! Experiment and try different things because it’s only going to make you better. Get out there as much as you can and try anything that comes to mind when you’re shooting. I was planning on dropping a video for the new year but it’s taking a little longer than expected to edit (which is a good thing), so I figured I’d drop this blog while we’re waiting! Just wanted to welcome you guys to the new year and hopefully get you motivated to kill it this year. Write down your goals, make them happen, and do it again next year.


I Feel Like I Should Tell You About Myself

Yo what’s up guys! So I was thinking about the blog earlier and realized that I hadn’t told you guys about myself and obviously I think it makes sense to let you know who I am, especially if you’re keeping up with the blog everyday lol. If you don’t know by now my name is Nick Pellegrino (@godfilmz) and I’m a director and photographer based out of Cleveland, Ohio.


I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was a little kid and they’ve always fascinated me. I love that I never stop learning how to do my job, I can always get better. I would definitely consider my style as more moody and dramatic, I like to give off a vibe with my work. I like things to look very cinematic and I’ll take that over a bunch of effects any day.

When I started God Media it was just an easier way for me to market myself but now I have a bigger vision. I’ve noticed I’ve been on a little bit of a journey and it started this year. I got the opportunity to work for some pretty cool people and shoot more projects than I have any other year. When I look back on the year I’m almost surprised at how much I actually accomplished.

The reason I started this blog was to give me something to look back on, I also wanted to bring you guys with me on this journey that I’ve found myself on. I want to build a platform that people can come to in order to learn and connect with eachother and I’ve noticed that’s starting to happen so lets keep it going. I appreciate you guys and I hope you enjoy the ride we’re about to go on. Welcome to God Media.

Go Shoot

Yo what’s goin’ on guys! So recently I’ve been really trying to get out and shoot as much as I can lately so I grabbed my buddy Ian for a quick second and took these photos! I wanted to switch it up and shoot in a different environment but I still wanted a moody vibe.

It wasn’t an overcast day but the sun was going down so we ended up with some pretty well lit shots straight out the gate. We were actually running out of time and had to pick a location relatively close to my house in order to shoot in time before we lost light. I just wanted to try and shoot in order to learn. I think it’s crucial that everyone gets out there as much as they can and take photos just to practice because that’s the only way you’re going to get better.


Go Shoot.


One quick tip I want to give you guys is to turn your subjects body slightly away from your light-source, and turn their heads towards the light-source, it generally compliments your subject with nice shadows and falloff. Overall the shoot was a quick one but it went well and I might create a LUT from these images that you guys can download. Actually, anyone that signs up for the newsletter I’ll send them this LUT so scroll all the way down on any page and sign up. I’ll catch you guys in the next blog or video, just whichever comes first lol