What I've been up to lately...

Ayee hope y’all are doin’ good it’s been a minute since I’ve written a blog so I wanted to update you guys on what I’ve been up to as of late! First off if you haven’t seen my IG stories I got the chance to shoot with Adi Rei from Nvasion Records. Super dope artist to be able to link with he brought good vibes and energy on set and we killed it. We had a lot of things going on with 3 different set designs to shoot in the studio and a scene on top of a parking garage at golden hour and everything turned out really well. We pulled off the vibe we were going for with a high energetic, fun visual with bright blues and oranges to compliment the mood. Pre-Production was a b*tch it took me hours to build the stuff you see in the video lol.

Check out the screenshots below to see the kind of sets we built and and the overall vibe we were aimin’ for. This shoot was a blast hopefully you guys get to see more visuals from us on the future.


The following weekend I had another shoot with an artist named Congrez up in Cleveland just a little more on the west side this time. Congrez is also the CEO of Avalanche Records. This song included several other artists from the label including but not limited to, BamFranx, Jiggy Ju, and Tilla Duula. This visual was made with the idea of just making it look really f**king cool lol. It’s a flex track no doubt so we wanted a vibe that would represent that which ended up with some cool set design ideas that you guys can check out below.


I can’t wait to work with these guys again it was so fun putting this video together everybody brought good vibes and I can’t wait for you guys to check it out. I’ll definitely be posted up here to let you guys know when it drops lol. I’ll leave a link below to Adi Rei’s “Too Much” Visual I’d love for you guys to run the views up on that!


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Let's Go...

Yoo how's it goin guys!? I hope you're all doing fantastic lol. I haven't jumped on here in a minute and I have some things I would like to share with you 👌. Lately I haven't really been feeling too inspired with creating. I feel like I need a nice change in pace. I've been thinking about exploring other avenues of this whole director thing and maybe try out some more local / small business work.

For example, I've always thought it'd be cool to shoot videos for local coffee shops or promo videos for barbers, stuff of that nature. The music video business is pretty flaky, not that I don't love it but I also feel like I have a lot of other ideas that want to explore and try out. I don't want to lock myself in to just one thing especially when there's so much more to explore. With that being said you will probably see a lot more content from me that's more relevant to my personal life.

I don't know about vlogs but I think I want to start a short adventure series of short films from different places. I want to incorporate a unique storyline to each place and try and create something different every time. I don't know, stay tuned in and you might see it pop up in the near future lol. 

Also, I just ordered a Boosted Board Mini X and I can't f***ing wait lol. Thats definitely going to open up a whole new way to explore and find cool spots to shoot all this sh*t. I will definitely be making a video when I get it in the mail and I might just make a review video for fun lol. 

 I really just feel like having fun and enjoying things in life. I want to create things just to create. I want to have new experiences and I want you guys to be able to watch what's on my mind. I can't wait to bring you guys some sh*t you've never seen before. It's gonna be awesome. Catch y'all in the next blog



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BTS Dropped!


BTS Vid Just Dropped!

Yoooo the BTS video I’ve been promising is finally here! In this video I go in depth on 2 shoots I had the opportunity to be apart of and talk about gear, lighting, ways to connect, and what it’s like to be on a bigger production set.

I plan on doing a lot more stuff like this in the future because I think it would be cool for you guys to see how some shoots go down and to be apart of the process. Let me know what you think of the site makeover down in the comments too! God Media is going to be focused a lot more on the hip hop scene in Ohio so if you’re looking for new artists and for things to do in the city, you can come here and it’ll be a one-stop shop. There will also be a new artist spotlight up later today so stay tuned for that as well! Sign up for the God Media Newsletter to stay up to date on everything as well such as blogs like this, artist spotlights, events, music, etc.

Welcome To The New Year!

Welcome To The New Year!

Yoo welcome to the new year! I wanted to write this up really quick to remind you guys to go into this year working harder than ever. Push yourself, don’t let anything hold you back, and lets f***ing get it. I got some cool stuff in the works for you guys right now so keep your eyes peeled for some cool videos.

If you haven’t set your new years resolution goals yet definitely do that and WRITE THEM DOWN lol. I know I personally want to try and shoot a lot more and work to push myself in editing. I really want to start working in After Effects way more and start exploring new things there. I plan on having A LOT of content for you guys this upcoming year and I’m so excited for you to see it.

I’m hoping you guys take this year as a chance to look back and hopefully make a bunch of improvements in your work! Experiment and try different things because it’s only going to make you better. Get out there as much as you can and try anything that comes to mind when you’re shooting. I was planning on dropping a video for the new year but it’s taking a little longer than expected to edit (which is a good thing), so I figured I’d drop this blog while we’re waiting! Just wanted to welcome you guys to the new year and hopefully get you motivated to kill it this year. Write down your goals, make them happen, and do it again next year.