New PC Build

So if you don’t know already my current computer that I use for editing has started to slow down on me. By “slow down” I mean complete system crashes, reboots, etc. I open up Premiere and it crashes. I unplug a usb cable, and it crashes. It’s wildly annoying and because of that I have decided to take it upon myself to build a new pc from the ground up again. It’s been 2 years since my last pc build, so I think it’s an appropriate time for an upgrade.

It’s also a very interesting time to build a computer because the 3rd generation of Ryzen processors were just released. Ryzen offers very competitive performance compared to intel at a lower cost. I’ll list the parts for the new build and the old one, down below.

Old Build:

  • Intel i5 6600k Quad Core OC to 4.1 GHz

  • Asus z170 Motherboard

  • 16 GB of Crucial RAM

  • GTX 1050 ti

  • Cryorig c7 cpu cooler

  • 250 GB SSD

New Build:

  • AMD Ryzen R7 3800x 8-core cpu

  • Noctua UH12a cpu cooler

  • Asus X570 p Motherboard

  • Crucial 512 GB M.2 SSD

  • GTX 1050 ti

  • Corsair Vengeance Pro RGB Ram 32GB

  • NZXT

Obviously it’s a pretty big upgrade and I can’t wait to get this build put together so I can show you guys what it looks like. I’m going for an all white build with rgb / blue accents. I will be putting together a vlog so you guys can see me out this together and build it, power it up for the first time, etc. I’m hoping this build can playback the 4k from my GH5s pretty smooth and make editing a little easier on me. I’ll be going in depth over all of this stuff in the vlog so watch out for that I’ll let you know when it drops!