New Studio!

Yo yooo I just got done setting up a studio space yesterday so if you’ve been wanting or need a studio space to shoot at feel free to hit me up and let’s make it happen!

just need to iron that backdrop lol

just need to iron that backdrop lol

It’s a small but effective space. I have both of my computers in here, my desktop for editing, and my laptop for editing photos. Two Quasar Science led’s are what I’m using to light my subject and the backdrop. I’m still workin on giving the room an overall vibe but it’s gettin there lol. I want to setup an xbox in there and just get some more art on the wall maybe some more RGB lighting to round it out. I waited all day for the stuff to be delivered so I could get it all setup asap.

Me and my wife went ahead and did a quick photoshoot so you guys can see some pics that were taken using this setup below!


This shoot also gave me a chance to try out a new lens that I got a few days ago which is the sigma 18-35 f1.8 which is the perfect range for this setup I’ve found. I plan on discounting shoots if they’re shot here at my studio so get a hold of me if you want to work!

J.A.I. Stargazing Music Video

Yo yoooo so I had the chance to shoot for an artist down in Columbus that goes by the name J.A.I. He’s got some dope music and we ended up shooting a visual for one of his tracks called “Stargazing”. It’s an amazing track with solid flow and a lot of talent behind it so if you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet watch it below!

I am super proud of this video even though we only had two hours to shoot it. My buddy Scene ended up comin’ through as well and shot some BTS but that’ll be a for another blog. This whole shoot was an awesome time with good people and good vibes and I hope you guys enjoy the visual.

Check out J.A.I. on IG @j.a.i614 he’s a really talented artist and we’ll definitely have more visuals out in the future!

How To Import Presets Into Lightroom!

Importing the OG God Pack Presets into Lightroom is super easy but I thought I would make this video anyways to show you guys how to do that, and to give you a little direction with presets. Check the video down below!

As you can see, super quick and easy. I’m looking to drop future preset packs as well as some light leak packs, custom transitions, etc. so keep a look out in the store for all of that stuff! Also go ahead and scroll all the way down and sign up for the God Media Newsletter to stay updated on everything! Leave a like and comment, let me know what you guys think about the blog, the God Pack, whatever it may be and watch out for the next blog!

Go Shoot

Yo what’s goin’ on guys! So recently I’ve been really trying to get out and shoot as much as I can lately so I grabbed my buddy Ian for a quick second and took these photos! I wanted to switch it up and shoot in a different environment but I still wanted a moody vibe.

It wasn’t an overcast day but the sun was going down so we ended up with some pretty well lit shots straight out the gate. We were actually running out of time and had to pick a location relatively close to my house in order to shoot in time before we lost light. I just wanted to try and shoot in order to learn. I think it’s crucial that everyone gets out there as much as they can and take photos just to practice because that’s the only way you’re going to get better.


Go Shoot.


One quick tip I want to give you guys is to turn your subjects body slightly away from your light-source, and turn their heads towards the light-source, it generally compliments your subject with nice shadows and falloff. Overall the shoot was a quick one but it went well and I might create a LUT from these images that you guys can download. Actually, anyone that signs up for the newsletter I’ll send them this LUT so scroll all the way down on any page and sign up. I’ll catch you guys in the next blog or video, just whichever comes first lol


How I Edit My Instagram Photos!

Yo what’s goin’ on guys I got something cool below. I thought it’d be really cool to show you how I edit my pictures in Lightroom so you’ll have the opportunity to learn and get a little bit of a behind the scenes look into how I do things. In this tutorial I’m going over how I edited shots from my most recent photoshoot with Ikonik (last blog). These shots were very dramatic and moody and they were super fun to edit so go ahead and give it a watch below!

As you can see I try and get a quick edit in on these photos I don’t like to spend a whole lot of time editing. The amount of time I spend editing a picture really depends on the picture itself and what all I want to do with it. I very seldom go into Photoshop for editing I normally only stick with Lightrooom. I love for my photos to have a desaturated, crispy look to them and I think we pulled that off just fine at this shoot. I hope you guys learned something from this tutorial I got more coming so stay tuned! Be sure to leave a like and a comment on this blog and also subscribe to the God Media Newsletter by scrolling all the way down on any page and typing in your email address!