OG God Pack Lightroom Presets!

Hey guys if you haven’t checked out the OG God Pack Lightroom Presets head over to the store right now and check them out. If you use Lightroom at all these presets are going to give you a pretty good head start in terms of editing your image. No preset is going to be perfect so a good way to utilize them to the best of their ability is to pick a preset out that you like, drop it on your image, and adjust the image as necessary.


Coming Soon…

“Goner” preset coming soon to the God Pack 2.0 preset pack

Now when you apply presets to your images you shouldn’t just stop editing after you’ve dropped it on your image. You should tweak the preset to each image you place it on because every image is going to be different and presets won’t look the same on every image. For example a preset that was created from a dark image is going to look a lot different when you place that same preset over a brighter image so you’ll have to tweak it to get it looking right.

In order to use these presets all you have to do is jump into Lightroom and go over to your presets panel, right click, and hit import presets. From there just select the OG God Pack and they’ll import straight into Lightroom ready to use. Definitely head over to the store and check those out I hope they benefit you guys! I’m throwing in a $5 sale for the rest of the week so they’re over half off as well so cop it now!

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