Y-S 1 Minute Freestyle

I’ve been working with my boy Y-S for over a year now and it’s always awesome working together. We just shot a promo video recently and we decided to shoot a short freestyle clip for a song on his album More Musix called “Pray 4 Me”. Check it below

We shot this in my neck of the woods in Ashland at an abandoned building that’s right next to my house. I love the look of this building as well as the lighting. The windows just make for beautiful light and the atmosphere really sets the mood for the video.. You can expect the promo video to have a similar feel to the freestyle when it drops we worked hard on it and I’m really excited for you guys to check it out.


Push Yourself…

Y-S is hard at work and you guys should be looking forward to his next release, I’m not sure when or what he’s got coming but he assured me he’s grindin’. Everytime we shoot together I try and push myself and try new things and on this shoot I just really wanted to take my time. That’s a very important thing to do sometimes. I’ve really been trying to be the absolute best that I can be and taking your time can make such a significant difference in the quality of your work. I can’t wait for you guys to see what I got coming in the future and remember if you would like to book a shoot go ahead and hit me up via the contact page!