How I Edit My Instagram Photos!

Yo what’s goin’ on guys I got something cool below. I thought it’d be really cool to show you how I edit my pictures in Lightroom so you’ll have the opportunity to learn and get a little bit of a behind the scenes look into how I do things. In this tutorial I’m going over how I edited shots from my most recent photoshoot with Ikonik (last blog). These shots were very dramatic and moody and they were super fun to edit so go ahead and give it a watch below!

As you can see I try and get a quick edit in on these photos I don’t like to spend a whole lot of time editing. The amount of time I spend editing a picture really depends on the picture itself and what all I want to do with it. I very seldom go into Photoshop for editing I normally only stick with Lightrooom. I love for my photos to have a desaturated, crispy look to them and I think we pulled that off just fine at this shoot. I hope you guys learned something from this tutorial I got more coming so stay tuned! Be sure to leave a like and a comment on this blog and also subscribe to the God Media Newsletter by scrolling all the way down on any page and typing in your email address!