I Feel Like I Should Tell You About Myself

Yo what’s up guys! So I was thinking about the blog earlier and realized that I hadn’t told you guys about myself and obviously I think it makes sense to let you know who I am, especially if you’re keeping up with the blog everyday lol. If you don’t know by now my name is Nick Pellegrino (@godfilmz) and I’m a director and photographer based out of Cleveland, Ohio.


I’ve had a camera in my hands since I was a little kid and they’ve always fascinated me. I love that I never stop learning how to do my job, I can always get better. I would definitely consider my style as more moody and dramatic, I like to give off a vibe with my work. I like things to look very cinematic and I’ll take that over a bunch of effects any day.

When I started God Media it was just an easier way for me to market myself but now I have a bigger vision. I’ve noticed I’ve been on a little bit of a journey and it started this year. I got the opportunity to work for some pretty cool people and shoot more projects than I have any other year. When I look back on the year I’m almost surprised at how much I actually accomplished.

The reason I started this blog was to give me something to look back on, I also wanted to bring you guys with me on this journey that I’ve found myself on. I want to build a platform that people can come to in order to learn and connect with eachother and I’ve noticed that’s starting to happen so lets keep it going. I appreciate you guys and I hope you enjoy the ride we’re about to go on. Welcome to God Media.

How I Edit My Instagram Photos!

Yo what’s goin’ on guys I got something cool below. I thought it’d be really cool to show you how I edit my pictures in Lightroom so you’ll have the opportunity to learn and get a little bit of a behind the scenes look into how I do things. In this tutorial I’m going over how I edited shots from my most recent photoshoot with Ikonik (last blog). These shots were very dramatic and moody and they were super fun to edit so go ahead and give it a watch below!

As you can see I try and get a quick edit in on these photos I don’t like to spend a whole lot of time editing. The amount of time I spend editing a picture really depends on the picture itself and what all I want to do with it. I very seldom go into Photoshop for editing I normally only stick with Lightrooom. I love for my photos to have a desaturated, crispy look to them and I think we pulled that off just fine at this shoot. I hope you guys learned something from this tutorial I got more coming so stay tuned! Be sure to leave a like and a comment on this blog and also subscribe to the God Media Newsletter by scrolling all the way down on any page and typing in your email address!

Shooting with Cleveland Artist Ikonik

I recently had the chance to shoot for a hella dope artist out of Cleveland by the name Ikonik. Dude’s cool af and chill to shoot with. We decided to shoot at an abandoned location as well. The two buildings that we were at had caught fire in the past and now theses building are just kind of there, collapsing in on themselves periodically. There was a bunch of glass and debris all over the parking lot from the buildings breaking down and it made for a really gritty and cool look.




I lit the shots with two quasar science tubes hooked up to a small portable generator. I had one on each side lighting him in a way that was very dramatic and edgy which is exactly what I wanted. The shots came out super dope and I’m really happy with the results which is a cool feeling because sometimes when I’m done with a shoot I start thinking about all of the ways I could’ve made it better and I walk away from the shoot with regret for not thinking about those things earlier. This time I was perfectly content lol

I like to think gear isn’t as important as the person behind it and I try and prove to myself that that’s right by shooting like this. I shot this on a GH4 which is a micro-four thirds camera, not something super popular in photography. I won’t ever let something like that get in the way and anyone creative shouldn’t either. If you make excuses you’ll never create anything good just get up and go out and f***ing do it.


Just Do It

Click the link in his bio @__ikonik__ to check out his music

Also I’ll be uploading a Lightroom tutorial that’ll go over how I edited these images! If you want to learn Lightroom and learn how to get a customized look and feel definitely be on the lookout for that. I’m going to be dropping tutorials left and right so you guys have an opportunity to learn what goes into my workflow and kind of a behind the scenes look.

Ikonik was super cool to work with and you guys should definitely check out his work! Just head over to his IG and click the link in his bio to listen to his latest work! I hope you guys enjoy the pics as well as this blog! I’ll be updating weekly at the bare minimum. Be sure to sign up for the God Media Newsletter as well, all you have to do is scroll all the way down on any page and type your email in to sign up!