The New Office!

Ayyeee so let’s get you guys in the loop on the new office space! About a month ago I made a trip up to Cleveland to look at different office spaces for God Media. The last one I looked at stuck out pretty much immediately and I knew it was going to be the new crib lol. I went ahead and signed the lease a couple days later and just got moved in last week. I had so much stuff to order and get in line for it so I had to have my buddy’s help me move and carry it all into the space. There’s still one more “photo” section I want to put up, but other than it’s all put together.


It all came together pretty well (at least I think lol). I am definitely looking forward to creating to my fullest potential here and working on all f the things that I’ve always wanted to. You guys are going to be seeing A LOT more of God Media from this point forward. I have a lot of ideas to move God Media in the right direction and I plan on taking advantage of this space as much as I possibly can in order to build the brand and the movement.

I can’t wait for you guys to see what I have on the way. This is just the first step in a very big move. I’m also holding a link up open house get together type deal so make sure you what out for that on August 4th. Come check out the space and say what’s up. I’m booking visuals at a discounted rate that day so get with me for the address.

The future has a lot in store and I’m ready for you guys to see it and experience it with me. I appreciate everybody that’s been supporting and following God Media. This is just the beginning and we got a long way to go lol.

New Studio!

Yo yooo I just got done setting up a studio space yesterday so if you’ve been wanting or need a studio space to shoot at feel free to hit me up and let’s make it happen!

just need to iron that backdrop lol

just need to iron that backdrop lol

It’s a small but effective space. I have both of my computers in here, my desktop for editing, and my laptop for editing photos. Two Quasar Science led’s are what I’m using to light my subject and the backdrop. I’m still workin on giving the room an overall vibe but it’s gettin there lol. I want to setup an xbox in there and just get some more art on the wall maybe some more RGB lighting to round it out. I waited all day for the stuff to be delivered so I could get it all setup asap.

Me and my wife went ahead and did a quick photoshoot so you guys can see some pics that were taken using this setup below!


This shoot also gave me a chance to try out a new lens that I got a few days ago which is the sigma 18-35 f1.8 which is the perfect range for this setup I’ve found. I plan on discounting shoots if they’re shot here at my studio so get a hold of me if you want to work!