Finding Your Style

Finding your own style can be pretty difficult, especially if your just starting out. You haven’t tried much so you’re trying everything that you can and trying to figure out what you like. Obviously I went through the same thing that’s why I want to go over it with you guys.

Finding your own style is definitely going to take you awhile. Don’t look at that as a bad thing though because it’s a journey and it’ll teach you a lot. I’m still trying to perfect my style and I’m always trying new things to figure out what I like. For example I tried editing in a different style than I normally do and I’m going to stick with editing that way now. If you’re not trying new things you’re not learning and that’s clearly just going to hold you back.



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My best advice to finding your own style is to look at other peoples work that you admire, take different bits and pieces of everything that you like, and try and recreate it. Get out there and shoot as much as you can because the more you shoot, the better you’re going to get. Practice as much as you can and edit the same picture 5 different times and see what you like.


Work as hard as you can.

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