Lazy Day at The Office + Is the Canon SL3 Any Good?

Yo yoo what’s up guys, I got a cool little video for you I didn’t really have much to do at the office this weekend except for edit but I tried to make the most of it lol. Check out the vlog down below and also let me know what you think of the Canon SL3 “cause I’ve been thinking about snaggin’ one up!

I’m really hoping to get my podcast started within a week or two so stay tuned for that as I’m going to be having a bunch of different artists come through and do some interviews! Also be sure to sign up for the God Media Newsletter so you get updated when they drop!

Sorry I've Been Gone...

As the video below will explain, I’m not having the best luck ordering my new camera lol. I explain everything in detail in the video so be sure to give it a watch long story short I will never be ordering a camera from Amazon ever again.

Yeah so I placed the order for the GH5s and got next day shipping, two days later the order still hadn’t shipped so I was told to cancel it and order it again. I did that and the same thing happened and the order was delayed but it did eventually end up getting shipped to which I opened it and discovered they had sent me the GH5 and not the GH5s. There is a pretty big difference between the two so I wasn’t very happy to say the least lol. I hope you guys enjoyed this video I got some shoots coming up this weekend so stay on the lookout for some behind the scenes stuff!

I’ll also be in Detroit to shoot a music video on the 23rd so I’ll probably make a vlog type video for that so you guys can see what it’s like to travel and shoot with some BTS. Situations like this can definitely get you down but it is what it is so the best thing to do is to just move forward and deal with it sh*t happens and sometimes there’s nothing you can do. Keep creating I”ll catch you guys again soon!