The Latest God Media Commercial

I just released the new God Media commercial the other day so it would make sense that I drop it here as well lol. I tried a lot of new techniques and effects in this video so check it out and let me know what you think in the comments.

I created the effects in After Effects, I used some advanced techniques with speed ramping to create the smooth transitions. The key to creating solid-looking speed ramps is to mess around with your keyframes in the speed value graph when you enable time remapping on your clip. I might release a tutorial on that in the future I haven’t decided yet lol. I also messed around with the VR Digital Glitch effect to create the RGB Distortion around his body. I had to mask him out in order to get the effect only around his body so it took me awhile to get it to look perfect but I eventually got it.

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Welcome To The New Year!

Welcome To The New Year!

Yoo welcome to the new year! I wanted to write this up really quick to remind you guys to go into this year working harder than ever. Push yourself, don’t let anything hold you back, and lets f***ing get it. I got some cool stuff in the works for you guys right now so keep your eyes peeled for some cool videos.

If you haven’t set your new years resolution goals yet definitely do that and WRITE THEM DOWN lol. I know I personally want to try and shoot a lot more and work to push myself in editing. I really want to start working in After Effects way more and start exploring new things there. I plan on having A LOT of content for you guys this upcoming year and I’m so excited for you to see it.

I’m hoping you guys take this year as a chance to look back and hopefully make a bunch of improvements in your work! Experiment and try different things because it’s only going to make you better. Get out there as much as you can and try anything that comes to mind when you’re shooting. I was planning on dropping a video for the new year but it’s taking a little longer than expected to edit (which is a good thing), so I figured I’d drop this blog while we’re waiting! Just wanted to welcome you guys to the new year and hopefully get you motivated to kill it this year. Write down your goals, make them happen, and do it again next year.